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Metaverse Accessibility

Our Mission

MetaverseWP is providing Metaverse Opportunities to all WC conferences globally to highlight and promote the works
being done by organizers, volunteers, speakers, teachers and other support persons. To provide a digital, interactive,
immersive ecosystem that is accessible by people who are not able to attend WC conferences physically.
Using digital tools and platforms to address accessibility challenges.
Creating avatars using ReadyPlayer.Me or other design and modeling avatars that aid with accessibility methods.
Using as the foundation to build using templates and to integrate static (non-moving),
and dynamic (animated) images and graphics.

We have grown into an international company since 2022 when the vision of providing a needed resource
became evident when people still were fearful of attending large group events. Our solution was to provide a
resource that allowed people with mobility challenges to create their own avatars to engage with WordCamp /
WordPress Conferences as a digital representation of themselves.

Digital tools can be used to connect while addressing issues of physical accessibility and mental health so members of
the WC and other communities can participate as avatars. This resource provides key accessibility opportunities
to those who cannot physically attend, allows avatars that represent the person to engage and contribute.
MetaverseWP is honored to provide this service internationally.

Physical challenges should not keep those who have a passion, and desire to contribute unable to act on their desire
to contribute to the growth of the WC community. Even if they are home-bound, hospital-bound, or challenged by
physical challenges or distances, boundaries, borders. Since 2017 My Quest To Teach, MetaverseWP, LoveBuilt Life
have sponsored over 500 youth, teens and young adults to international conferences.

Because of the digital nature of the service being provided by MetaverseWP, which is collaborative with
WC conferences, it is the prayer and hope that this service contributes to inspiring the community to embrace avatars
and the increased digital innovations happening. Peace and Blessings,
CEO William Jackson, MAT

Pick A Continent – Any Continent – On This Planet

Our Current Team with Room to Grow

William Jackson, MAT
My Quest To Teach

Aida Jackson, Prof.
LoveBuilt Life, LLC

Seeking interns for project management and development of metaverse sites.
Interns can be local in Jacksonville, Florida or remote.
Background academic, job related information required.
Contract required and if under 18 parent’s permission is necessary. Will train and mentor. This currently is a
non-paying internship.

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