William Jackson, M.Ed.

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My Mission

My Quest To Teach is providing Metaverse Galleries to all WC conferences globally to highlight and promote the works being done by organizers, volunteers, speakers, and other support persons. To provide a digital and interactive platform that is accessible by people who are not able to attend WC conferences physically. Using digital tools and platforms to address accessibility challenges. Creating avatars using ReadyPlayer. Me or other design and modeling digital avatar accessibility methods.

Digital tools can be used to connect with addressing issues of physical accessibility and mental health so members of the WC and other communities can participate even as avatars at WC conferences. This resource provides key accessibility opportunities to those who cannot physically attend and contribute.

Physical challenges should not keep those who have a passion, purpose, and desire to contribute unable to act on their desire to contribute to the growth of the WC community even if they are homebound, hospital-bound, or challenged by physical challenges.

Because of the digital nature of the service being provided by My Quest To Teach, which is collaborative with WC conferences, it is the prayer and hope that this service contributes to inspiring the community.

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