William Jackson, MAT
CEO, My Quest To Teach & MetaverseWP
Creative Concept Designer and Metaverse Opportunity Innovator
Program Director of Metaverse Education with
World Metaverse Council 2024 Slovenia, Eastern Europe
Board of Directors with One Africa Forum 2024
Technology Education Director, Johannesburg, South Africa
Tristan’s Accelerated Academy, Jacksonville, Florida

Building Digital Opportunities Globally

I’m William Jackson, CEO of My Quest To Teach & MetaverseWP, a proud member of the
WordPress global community since 2010. My first WordCamp conference was 2010 at
WordCamp Orlando, Florida. The experience has transformed my career as a STEAM+M, AI,
VR and Metaverse Educator, Content Creator and Digital Innovator. Because of WordPress
opportunities I write, teach, speak, mentor, organize and engage globally.
Working with my wife Aida Correa-Jackson we provide Digital Opportunities at affordable
costs across education and business.

The WordPress community has inspired me to integrate WP into teaching students from elementary, middle,
high school, and higher education. The benefits and empowerment of web development, and associated
technologies are powerful. The growth of AI, VR, and Metaverse is transforming WP and corresponding WC conferences. Aida and I have adapted from STEAM and Arts Educators to Digital Technologists with global influences.
The growth of Digital, AI, Metaverse and other conferences helped inspire MetaverseWP to provide metaverse platforms globally and trainings.

My Quest To Teach & MetaverseWP & LoveBuilt Life, LLC are providing a unique service to conferences,
NGO’s, ORG’s, schools, not for profit groups, and ministries globally. I’m very appreciative and thankful
to the global community, and current associations, partnerships, and collaborations. We have been
building and maintaining Metaverse opportunities for WordCamp and other groups globally and have
expanded to new projects around the globe.
We are members of the
World Metaverse CouncilHomepage – World Metaverse Council (wmetac.com)
One Africa ForumAbout – ONE AFRICA FORUM
Tristan’s Accelerated AcademyFacebook
providing services for events, building partnerships and collaborations. World Metaverse Council https://tinyurl.com/mrytunhj this is an international project.
Our team of artists, writers, students, creatives, innovators welcome new businesses to provide a unique
service of digital innovation, creativity and addresses accessibility to help those with physical and mobility
Please reach out to us metaversewp@gmail.com .

William Jackson, MAT
CEO of My Quest To Teach & MetaverseWP
Aida Correa – Jackson Certified Arts Counselor, Author, Poet
CEO of LoveBuilt Life, LLC
Featured and Contracted Artist

Attendance at ASALH Conference 2023
Our experiences and photos as speakers and attendees at ASALH where we presented and supported.

WordCamp San Jose Costa Rica Video 2023

Our Growing Digital Journey in Video

Raising the Bar Collective Summit 2024
How can AI, VR, Metaverse Education help
released incarcerated individuals grow after
(1) 2024 RAISING THE BAR: A Restorative Justice and Prison Reduction Conference | Facebook

Women In Technology – Aida Correa-Jackson 2024
Speaking that AI, VR, Metaverse are more than just
gaming. There is educational and business value.
The Women In Tech Summit
Aida Correa – Jackson https://www.instagram.com/p/C6G4rXgtHc3/

First Annual Metaverse In Education Conference 2024
Immersive Learning

WordCamp Europe 2024
WordCamp Europe 2024 – Torino, Italy | 13 – 15 June 2024
Aida Correa – Jackson
William Jackson,
Media Partner – Metaverse Opportunity Innovator
Metaverse Site for WCEU

Recent Projects for 2024 Below

  • WordPress in Education Technology Showcase
  • WordCamp Europe 2024
  • “Problem Solving With WordPress”, Uganda Website Projects Competition 2024
  • WordCamp Canada 2024
  • WordCamp Jinja 2024
  • WordCamp US 2024
  • WordCamp Managua, Nicaragua
  • WordPress Youth Day 2024

Teaching Virtually with Edpassare World Classroom based in Nigeria, Africa
We are teaching elementary and secondary students on Saturdays for
10 week courses with certificates at the completion of the course.
William Jackson, MAT is the instructor. More information can be gained
by emailing metaversewp@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why am I creating metaverse opportunities?

The reason for the creation of the metaverse galleries is to address the
issues of mobility issues and in some cases financial challenges in attending
and participating/contributing in the global WP/WC community.
No one should be denied the opportunity to be engaged, contribute, and
participate in the WP/WC community. These digital opportunities should be
made available for everyone especially those that are hospital or homebound.

3. Where are the Global WordCamp Conferences?

To find out more about where WC Conferences are globally access the site
WordCamp Central https://central.wordcamp.org/

2. What is the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a virtual world where people can explore different worlds,
learn about other cultures and interact with others from around the world.
It can provide a safe space for collaboration, conversations, and cooperation
that reinforces that our digital world is connected to our real-world engagements.
In the virtual world people are avatars that are digital representations of
themselves. Using free applications like https://readyplayer.me to encourage
creativity, innovation, and artistic engagement.

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