The Beauty of Books Across Cultures
This is an exciting time for reading, literacy, comprehension, creativity, innovation, imagination.
There will be links to metaverse galleries specifically for books across the cultural dynamics of humanity.
Let’s Celebrate Diversity in Reading and Literacy!!!
The links below will teleport you to a specific category so your avatar (digital person)
that you create can walk, run, communicate and enjoy a diverse gallery of book covers.
To create an avatar we recommend “Create Your Avatar”
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Each book cover represents the cultural background and even generation.
Youth (0 to12) – Teens (13 to 18)
Coming soon Adults
These are book covers are taken when we travel globally and visiting
bookstores and permission is given by the bookstore representative.
Any photos taken are by permission from the bookstore owner or company.
This is a unique and first time opportunity
(to the best of our research)
where you can travel through the metaverse to view book covers
and order from the bookstores listed below.
Special Thanks To:
2nd And Charles (Jacksonville, Florida)
Firestorm (Asheville, North Carolina)
Order Banned Books
Educators Area
Chamblin Bookmine (Jacksonville, Florida)


22,500 children’s books pulled from schools in Duval County, Florida
are available to order. Complete the request online to receive a bundle.
To Order Banned Books Follow this Link
Read the Request Books & Support the Campaign

Members of the World Metaverse Council Education Group
and winners of the
WMC Summit and Awards we are global Educators.
Awarded Winners for Metaverse Education for 2023
William and Aida Jackson
The possibilities are endless on the metaverse to promote education and learning.
William Jackson, M.Ed.
is the World Metaverse Council – Metaverse Education Program Director

Your feedback is encouraged and appreciated helping to improve our site.
Please use our contact page or send an email to
Thank you to our contributors for supporting our efforts to inspire
youth and teens to read more and increase comprehension.
We are looking for volunteers for Hispanic, Native American,
Mexican, Indian, Pakistani books for youth and teens.
We are looking for book covers that represent the ages of
Youth (0 to12) – Teens (13 to 18)

Firestorm Books & Coffee
1022 Haywood Road
Asheville, NC 28806
P: 828-255-8115
Banned Book Information

Address: 4972 Town Center Pkwy Suite 100
Jacksonville, FL 32246
Hours: Opens 9 am to 9 pm Monday – Friday
Phone: (904) 642-1342

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